Schmoozing and S'mores

Reynolds Plantation was lovely! The last big work event I went to was in Vegas (icky), so this was a very welcome change. I got to be around trees and stuff... we all know how I like trees! I wish we'd had some time to explore the property, but our days were jam-packed with meetings and food without vegetables. 


We had one of our dinners outside in the woods and it was PERFECT. Lights strung up through the pine trees, a gourmet s'more bar (With homemade marshmallows! Did you know that was a thing?!), rocking chairs around campfires, superb company... just so nice! I'm still not sure how it happened, but an Australian friend jedi-mind-tricked me into making him a s'more, then proceeded to give me a very detailed and scathing critique of my s'more preparation. Keep in mind this is a man from a country that 1. doesn't even do s'mores and 2. thinks Vegemite is a food product. So it's not too big a blow to my self-worth.

Here's some photos from when I was able to sneak out and play a little bit. If you need me I'll be trapped in the Miami airport for a zillion-hour layover.