Hasta luego!

Hey guys. guys. guys. guys. I'm going to Ecuador! I wanted to just quickly share the game plan...

  Illustration by    Kürşat Ünsal

Illustration by Kürşat Ünsal

Ze Plan:

I'm also pretty proud of my packing work for this trip. Let me just explain/brag for a second: 

 Seems cold, right?  Photo by  Steve Bouey

Seems cold, right? Photo by Steve Bouey

 Seems not cold, right?  Photo by Unknown

Seems not cold, right? Photo by Unknown

  1. I have to look professional at Reynolds Plantation at the company meeting
  2. Quito and Zuleta are in the Andes Mountains, where it tends to be quite cold and rainy
  3. I don't want to look like a target - I mean tourist - in Quito, so city clothes only. Although I'm clearly kidding myself, since I'm blonde and a heathy 8 inches taller than the average Ecuadorian woman 
  4. I'll be doing a lot of outdoorsing in Zuleta, so city clothes are stupid
  5. The Galapagos Islands will obviously be warm and include beach/water time
  6. I HATE checking a bag, so all of my things WILL fit in my carry-on

 Exhibit A

Exhibit A

And you know what? I pulled it off plus plenty of free space to drag home all the things I'm sure I'll buy at the Otavolo markets. Don't worry, I've already pat myself on the back.

Ok I need to get my accomplished butt to bed for my 6am flight! I'll updated when I have actual things to show about places that aren't my apartment. Pending Wifi availability, naturally. G'night!