Gus Fruh Climbers

In an effort to become comfortable taking photos of locals while I'm traveling, I took myself down to the Barton Creek Greenbelt to practice interacting with strangers (sorry, mom). If I can't approach someone when we both speak the same language, how do I expect to do it when I have to clumsily mime my intentions because the only the spanish I know involves cheese?


So when I came across some climbers at Gus Fruh that seemed approachable enough, I went for it. And by went for it, I mean awkwardly stood behind them for 20 seconds until I built up the courage to introduce myself and ask if I could be invasive and weird.

As we started chatting I learned that all 3 of my test subjects work in film/ cinematography/ visually beautiful things. Like in exchange for money. So not intimidating at all. Fortunately they were so warm and relaxed that I quickly forgot my nerves, plus they proved to be a great resource when I had trouble deciding on an appropriate shutter speed. I couldn't have asked for more lovely people to kick off my new hobby of awkwardly invading stranger's personal space!